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LGBTQ Pride Month Photo Shoot | Cincinnati LGBTQ Photographer


“The only thing I know I want for our session is something DIFFERENT”. An LGBTQ photo shoot celebrating pride month with flags, holi powder and bubblegum. This super fun couples session will knock your socks off.

After bouncing around from idea to idea, Gabby messaged me one day saying, “PRIDE! A pride photoshoot.” Instantly I thought, “OH HELL YEAH!” It was game on. With Pride events getting cancelled this year, this was an awesome way to celebrate.

I met these two sweet souls at Centennial Park during my visit to Springfield in June. As always, I was super nervous before the session but when I met Gabby + Masey, all of the worries went away. The first time that Gabby dropped a sentence from TikTok, I knew that our friendship was going to blossom. Then I found out that Masey makes kickass macaroons? Like WHATTTTT! These two are the funniest and most kindhearted couple ever.

I think there were maybe two minutes during the entire session where we weren’t laughing. I seriously could not stop laughing during the bubblegum. Gabby was trying her hardest to get that bubble just right and Masey stood around patiently. We tried a ton of times and just as Gabby was getting ready for one last hurrah, the bubblegum literally flew out of her mouth. We all were rolling after that.

Now, let me tell you about this colored powder that they threw around. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked with it but it’s so much fun. As soon as I saw that they had it, I was crazy excited. They had gone through quite a few bags and it seemed like each time, the bags were getting harder to open. Gabby was opening a dark blue powder when the bag busted open. Powder went everywhere. We all stopped and then they looked at each other…and then they looked at me. I had blue powder all down the right side of my body and that’s when I really couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t give a care in the world and there’s still a little powder on my camera strap to forever remind me of this session.


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