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Intimate Couples Boudoir Session in Joshua Tree, California

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couple walking hand in hand with lanterns into the desert of joshua tree at night

Gorgeous couple, Britney + J’son head out into the desert of Joshua Tree, California for a romantic, intimate and spicy couples photography session.

Joshua Tree is one of the most magical places that you can ever visit. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing those trees hanging out in the middle of the desert and realizing that you are truly in a different kind of place. Joshua Tree is called a “vortex” by many people – including me. It is a place to heal, relax and connect.

Britney + J’son rented an Airbnb in Joshua Tree for their romantic couples boudoir session and it was such a treat. We started the session talking to one another, laughing and soaking in all of the vibes. Celebrating our successes when it comes to our spirituality and dealing with trauma in our lives. I was in awe over these two and the conversations we had were such a treat.

This session fueled my heart with creativity and changed the way I view my photography. In the past, I used to take things slow and really take my time with photos. As time has gone on, I have felt like sessions need to be short and impactful but I am changing my ways again. This was a session where I truly got to slow down and just connect with everyone, along with the environment around us. It reminded me that it’s okay to take things slow and breathe. I want all of the couples I work with to feel like they’re taking a deep breath the entire time while working together.

Alright, I’m done yaking for now. Thank you for checking out this Joshua Tree masterpiece that will always hold a special place in my heart.

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